Feb. 01, 2021

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Jim Struzzi (R-Indiana) issued the following statement in reaction to Gov. Tom Wolf’s latest attempt to impose a job-crushing severance tax on Pennsylvania natural gas drillers:

“I feel safe speaking for hardworking Pennsylvania taxpayers and their families when I say enough is enough. This annual request for a severance tax is getting to be like Groundhog Day. I wish Gov. Wolf would ‘see his shadow’ and realize this proposal has neither the votes to pass in the Legislature nor the support of your constituents in the Commonwealth.

“The natural gas industry already pays a Marcellus Shale tax that was originally and mistakenly labeled an impact ‘fee’ by my legislative predecessors. That tax generates revenue for municipalities throughout Pennsylvania, including - to a lesser degree - counties in which no gas wells exist. To those who say the industry should pay more, the prospect of allowing state government to determine the definition of ‘fair share’ should make anyone shudder.

“Even greater than this, the governor has seemingly forgotten we are in a pandemic that will endure well after a COVID-19 vaccine is distributed. Many experts believe the mark this virus is leaving on our economy will be long lasting. In the midst of an attempted recovery, one of the last thing taxpayers need to endure is higher energy prices. Asking gas drillers to pay more means asking consumers to pay more. That’s easy math.

“I have again introduced legislation to address Gov. Wolf’s effort to enter Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which will drive out jobs and drive up energy bills. Pile a severance tax on top of that and we’ll be treating Pennsylvanians like a blank check or credit card with no limit.”

Representative Jim Struzzi
62nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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