Oct. 15, 2021

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Jim Struzzi (R-Indiana) has a simple fix to a common tax problem faced by Pennsylvanians who have lost a loved one. 

“We were approached by a local resident who experienced the unexpected and tragic loss of an adult child, and in the process of settling the estate, discovered that the deceased overpaid Personal Income Tax and a refund was actually owed,” Struzzi said. “Resolving the same situation with federal income tax is easy because the IRS created Form 1310 for claiming that refund. My bill will create a similar mechanism at the state level.”

Struzzi’s House Bill 1921 would allow the Department of Revenue to issue a refund to the executor, administrator, or other personal representative of the decedent in cases where a will is not present. 

“That representative would need only to complete the form, accompanied by a certified death certificate and proper documentation confirming the relationship to the decedent in order to obtain the refund,” added Struzzi. “It’s a mere simplification of a process that presently is exhaustive for a grieving family.”   

He also pointed out, “This is a great example of why we encourage constituents to come forward with any suggestion, no matter how insignificant they might think it is. The issue mattered greatly to this individual, and House Bill 1921 becoming law would be an easy solution to a problem that someone else has no doubt encountered.”  

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Struzzi’s Indiana district office at 1-724-465-0220. 

Representative Jim Struzzi
62nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
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