Sep. 24, 2020

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Jim Struzzi (R-Indiana) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Tom Wolf’s veto of House Bill 2025, which would have required legislative approval before Pennsylvania could enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) or any similar multi-state compact.

“Once again, this governor’s allegiance lies with his own power and his own agenda. Regardless of what the governor says, this bill does not prevent Pennsylvania from joining RGGI. Rather, it ensures the people of Pennsylvania have a say in the decision. It is meant to ensure proper research is done regarding the impacts RGGI would have on jobs, exports and energy prices. To date, none of that research has been done, and the Wolf administration seemingly has no interest in doing it at any point in the future. My legislation is meant to ensure that the people of Pennsylvania have the opportunity to be heard. So far, they have not. The fundamental principle of American government is that the power lies with the people. Evidently, the governor has forgotten that.

“To the people of Pennsylvania, to the coal and trade workers who will suffer the effects of RGGI, to the consumers who will pay higher prices for their energy, to our local businesses – I am sorry the governor continues to ignore your voices and your will, as was represented by the affirmative votes cast for this legislation. My interest in this matter does not end here with this veto. Know that I will continue this fight in Harrisburg, and I encourage everyone to voice your concerns to the Department of Environmental Protection and Governor Wolf. We cannot let him take our jobs, destroy our economy, and crush our local communities and families.”

Representative Jim Struzzi
62nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Kevin DiGuiseppe
717.260.6419 /