Nov. 04, 2022

HARRISBURG – Six bills which state Rep. Jim Struzzi (R-Indiana) has a direct hand in crafting have been signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf. Struzzi issued the following statement in reaction to the legislative action from Thursday:

Act 111 of 2022 - Will help prevent deadly overdoses by removing fentanyl test strips from the definition of “drug paraphernalia” which are prohibited and carry serious penalties.

House Bill 1393 was slow to gain support until the House Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing last January that really brought to light the need for this legislation,” Struzzi said. “When more members realized the severity of the problem and the deadly impact of fentanyl, the list of cosponsors grew to the point where the bill passed through the House and Senate without a negative vote cast.”

Act 136 of 2022 - Will allow any Pennsylvania company to bid for a contract awarded by the Department of Environmental Protection for plugging oil and gas wells, regardless of the size of the business.

“Pennsylvania has more than 200,000 abandoned oil and gas wells and frankly could be doing much more to pare down that list,” added Struzzi. “To this point, Pennsylvania companies which are fully capable of addressing this long-standing environmental problem have been generally excluded from the process by being shut out from bidding in favor of out-of-state entities. This new law supports in-state workers and in-state businesses, as well as prepares us for the more than $400 million in federal funds that are headed our way to be used for well clean-up.” 

Act 104 of 2022 - Will help address financial and personnel challenges within our fire and ambulance companies.

“Our emergency service providers do so much for us, and we need to do more for them,” Struzzi commented. “I successfully amended into House Bill 397 language from a bill I authored that will provide funding for tuition and loan assistance for higher education to students who volunteer for fire and EMS services. This will hopefully serve as an incentive to potential candidates for EMS.”

Act 121 of 2022 - Will make it easier for State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities to hire campus police officers.

“I joined two of my House colleagues in sponsoring House Bill 1988, which will allow a campus officer to be immediately employed by a state system campus police force rather than having to go through a potentially months-long process of obtaining a commission from the governor via the state Department of Education,” said Struzzi. “The measure will allow schools like Indiana University pf Pennsylvania to increase the level of security on campus.”

Act 140 of 2022 - renames a long list of Pennsylvania bridges throughout the state.

“Two individual bills of mine were amended into what was House Bill 2637,” Struzzi added. “As a result, the bridge which carries Route 403 over Yellow Creek in Pine Township will eventually become the PVT George Holuta Memorial Bridge, and the State Route 3035 bridge which crosses Yellow Creek in Homer City Borough will be renamed the Sgt. Walter F. Novak Memorial Bridge. These two men served our country in World War Two and their memory will be further preserved thanks to this legislative act.”

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Struzzi’s Indiana office at 724-465-0220.

Representative Jim Struzzi
62nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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